How to Maintain Your Irrigation System

Many people forget to check their yard and landscape bed sprinkler systems regularly. After all the hard work put into designing, planting, and tending a spring landscaping project, a properly functioning irrigation system is the final step to keep your yard in the condition you desire.

Irrigation technicians install sprinkler systems specifically for your yard’s needs. The best irrigation systems can be automated to target particular areas without overwatering. These systems also come with servicing during their peak usage periods in spring and summer, as well as maintenance in their offseasons.

You and a local irrigation specialist should inspect your system for the following:

System Startup

Before first use in the spring, check and adjust key sprinkler heads. Test your water controller and water pressures, and make any necessary repairs, especially after a hard winter.

Cross-Connection and Backflow Testing

Irrigation systems must meet the water-flow requirements set by your state and local laws. There can be severe consequences if your water system’s backflow preventer doesn’t reallocate water to the proper district water treatment plant or department. Older water systems, in particular, may face erosion, chemical buildup, and moisture challenges, all of which will affect the reliability and efficiency of your system.

Proper Winterization

A comprehensive spring St. Louis landscaper will take into account the wear and tear on their irrigation system once winter returns. Properly winterizing your sprinklers means allowing certified specialists to clean all irrigation lines and blow out aerate them to remove leftover moisture and residual chemicals. These professionals will also ensure all parts and systems are fully secured and protected against water damage from winter.

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