Easy Ways to Clean Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool comes with many benefits and enables you and your family to have countless memories.

However, pool ownership comes with many responsibilities for proper maintenance and longevity, and cleaning should really be done on a continuous basis.

Here are five easy tips at helping you keep your pool in great shape using commonly-used household products.


Sodium bicarbonate, baking soda works great at raising the alkalinity of the water. To increase the levels by 10ppm, use approximately 1.5 lbs of baking soda for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool.


Bleach works well at shocking the pool. If you have hard water, bleach can help reduce the calcium in the water. To increase the chlorine levels by 5ppm, use approximately one-half gallon of bleach for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool.


If the pH levels are low in your pool, borax is great to increase this to a proper level. The variation used will depend on your pH levels, but one-half cup of borax to 10,000 gallons is suggested. Borax can typically be found in most stores in the laundry products aisle. Make sure there are no allergies to borax before using it.


If the alkalinity in your swimming pool is on the high side, using muriatic acid can help reduce the levels.


A wide push broom works wonders when you need to clean away debris, such as grass, leaves, or pine needles. A multi-surface broom is certainly great at cleaning debris on the pool deck, but also pushing the debris to one corner of the pool within the water, and then using a vacuum to remove it.