4 Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your St. Louis Landscaping

Mulch is a fantastic addition to any landscaped area. From surrounding the base of a patio to preventing problematic areas of weed growth, it should be a welcome part of your spring project. Its range of colors and chip types also makes mulch a simple way to freshen up a landscaping look. What’s more, it offers a variety of functional yard benefits.

Benefits of adding mulch to your St. Louis landscaping:


Tree clippings, wood chips, and bark are common mulch types that, over time, break down and complement the nutrients of the soil below. These components help keep the soil soft while permitting water and air passage. There’s still plenty of room beneath your mulch for healthy, desirable plant roots to grow, all with an added protective layer.

Weed Control

Mulch is often used to cover new or concerning patches of ground to prevent common weed problems. While it doesn’t stop weeds that have already germinated in the ground, it works as a preventative barrier for freshly planted grass, shrubs, trees, and certain flower beds. It blocks new weed seeds from taking root while still allowing sunlight and water absorption needed for desired plants.

Erosion Prevention

In landscaping areas with heavy amounts of gutter or rainwater runoff, mulch works as a seal, aiding in proper water retention. On hills and yard slopes, it works similarly to keep soil in place. Any elements of nature that pose a threat to newly planted seedlings are protected by a layer of mulch, making it ideal for young flowerbeds or any fresh additions to this year’s spring landscape greenery.

Temperature Insulation

In the warmer months of spring and summer, mulch shades new plants from direct sunlight and keeps soil temperatures cool and damp. In transitional periods, such as early spring or early autumn, mulch has a complementary effect. It retains a healthy amount of steady heat and protects against unexpected frost.

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