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Different Types & Cuts of Stone

Natural Stone vs. Manufactured Stone

Regardless of what stone color or style you choose, there are a few basic decisions that must be made. You will have to decide whether you want your landscape to include manufactured stone or natural stone. Each option has its own benefits. Natural stone comes in a virtually unlimited range of textures and hues. It often has a much more robust and dynamic appearance than composite or manufactured stone. Natural stone can be quite a bit denser, heavier, and more durable than composite options.

Manufactured stone has a significantly lighter weight. It is easier to use and install. If you are taking on a complex, do-it-yourself project, this may be your best option. While either stone type can be used in most home projects, the increased workability and lighter weight of the manufactured stone is one of the reasons why more homeowners are using it for tiling and countertops.

Cut vs. Uncut Stone

Another important consideration to make is whether to use cut or uncut stones in your landscaping project. Like composite and natural stones, cut and uncut stones both have their own pros and cons. By using cut stone, your landscape will have a clean and refined appearance. Uncut stones, on the other hand, maintain both the look and feel of natural stone.

While most projects look amazing when a single option is used throughout, it is possible to implement designs that include a seamless blend of cut, natural, and manufactured stones.

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