Hardscaping trends

St. Louis Hardscaping Trends

Hardscaping can solidify your landscaping vision, offering structural definition and outlining outdoor areas. Integrating hardscape features such as pathways and borders, firepits, retaining walls, and more to elevate aesthetics and establish a harmonious, resilient landscape tailored to thrive within the region's diverse climate can be the piece that ties together your entire outdoor space.

Top 5 hardscaping trends:

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls offer both aesthetic and functional advantages. Incorporating a retaining wall into your landscaping design, particularly on hilly or sloped terrain, not only enhances the visual appeal but can also prevent erosion and maintain landscape integrity over time. Moreover, a well-placed retaining wall can redirect water runoff, safeguarding your property and landscaping from potential damage.


Adding a path to your outdoor space is an easy project that can instantly provide rewarding results. Paths can come in many different materials, such as stone, wood, and sand. Incorporating any type of pathway enhances curb appeal, ensures safety and accessibility, and simplifies navigation throughout your outdoor space.

Fireplaces and Firepits

A firepit serves as the perfect setting for intimate evenings filled with warmth and relaxation. Its flickering flames not only provide a cozy ambiance but also illuminate late-night gatherings, creating an inviting atmosphere for memorable moments under the stars. Additionally, the versatility of a firepit extends beyond mere aesthetics; it may double as a functional cooking element, allowing you to infuse outdoor gatherings with the irresistible aroma and flavor of grilled delights.

Outdoor Bars and Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is an essential amenity for those who enjoy hosting gatherings and entertaining guests. The ability to seamlessly transition from grilling delights to mingling with friends and family at the countertop seating area elevates the experience, ensuring memorable moments and cherished connections under the open sky.

Patio or Decks

A thoughtfully crafted patio or deck offers numerous advantages, including the expansion of your living area into the open air. With a designated outdoor space, you not only increase your opportunities to enjoy the fresh air but can also enhance your overall well-being by fostering a deeper connection with nature. Whether it's savoring your morning coffee or unwinding after a long day, having an outdoor sanctuary encourages you to embrace the outdoors and reap its many rewards.

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