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Spring St. Louis Landscape Checklist

Does your backyard have plenty of room for improvement?

Let us help you come up with the right landscape design to suit your needs. Make plans now to transition your landscape this spring with the help of our professional landscaping services.

Landscape Design Ideas

Sometimes the hardest part about landscaping your yard is finding the right ideas you need to begin the project. Here are a few general landscape design ideas for backyards with different purposes.

A Backyard Made for Entertaining

Make your backyard the setting for summertime parties by including these features:

– Hardscaped surfaces to place tables and chairs
– A fire pit and other sources of outdoor lighting and heat for fun after dark
– A grill or an outdoor kitchen to prepare food outdoors while surrounded by party guests

A Backyard for the Family

Give every family member a place to enjoy in the backyard with these features:

– Safe play area for the kids including a jungle gym, swing set, and sandbox
– Hammock for teens to enjoy a good book on a lovely afternoon
– Seating area for adults to soak up the outdoors and keep an eye on the kids
– Fenced-in yard for privacy and safety

A Low-Maintenance Back Yard

If you want to enjoy a serene outdoor setting without much work, include these features in your backyard:

– Native plants, trees, and grass
– Xeriscape and hardscaped areas that don’t require pruning, mowing, or watering
– Covered seating area to keep outdoor furniture in good shape for longer

Spring Landscape Planning

Having an idea of what you might want to include in your new backyard gives you a good starting point but putting your plan to paper is a crucial part of making your design ideas a reality. Our landscape designers will plot the positions of fixtures you don’t want to change, such as trees, sidewalks, buildings, driveways, and similar items.

We will also figure out important details such as where will the irrigation system go. How will you run electricity to the lights and pond pump? Are stone steps practical, or do you really need a ramp?

We will consider the topography of your backyard and whether your ideas are feasible. Then our landscape designer can help you choose specific plants, hardscape materials, and more to ensure your backyard meets your specific needs.

To work with a knowledgeable landscape and hardscape design company, please contact the pros at Landesign LLC. We can help you accomplish exactly what you have in mind for your backyard this spring.

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