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St. Louis Outdoor Living Trends

One of the trendiest St. Louis patio updates is installing folding glass doors along the exterior wall leading to the patio.

This new entryway will seamlessly fold out for summer entertaining and collapse back into your home for colder months. With this, you will be able to enjoy a stunning view of your patio and outdoor landscaping throughout the year at any time of the day. This type of patio update is also exciting for anyone who loves opening the windows all year long. Instead of only cracking open a window or two, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the breeze of any season by opening up numerous glass doors.

Invest in Better Furniture

Patio furniture sometimes has a bad reputation, as so much of it is made from flimsy plastic and only designed to sit outside. However, with the new year, there are countless new designs of patio furniture on the market that will seriously upgrade your patio for the upcoming months. Make this part of your home even warmer by investing in outdoor-friendly throw pillows, loveseats, benches, and even side tables. Many of these pieces are now made with waterproof materials that are more durable throughout the seasons than plastic and the best patio furniture that you can leave outside without worry.

Add a Fire Pit

On a perfect summer or fall night, fire pits are the single best way to entertain outdoors under the stars. With a new fire pit, you’ll be able to savor the evenings outside and enjoy making s’mores with your guests. Fire pits are often easily installed and can be custom-designed to keep up with the aesthetic of your landscape. If you love spending clear starry evenings on your patio, a fire pit will take your enjoyment to the next level throughout the year.

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