Small backyard

St. Louis Landscaping Tips For Small Yards

Maximize Your Space

Just because there’s less square footage, doesn’t mean that you can’t have all the same elements that a large property may have. Carefully designed hardscaping, water features, and fire pits can work in small spaces too. Once you decide how you plan to use the space, the next step is to create garden rooms for each function. One for dining, one for playing, one for your pets, etc. Make sure to use every nook and cranny leaving no “dead space” and if possible, eliminate the lawn entirely.

Think outside of the Box

Consider gardening, pergolas, and including unexpected landscape elements are great ways to create appeal in a small space. A landscape designer can select fastigiate plant cultivars, plants that are tall and narrow, to fit your tight spaces. Passionflower, climbing roses, and clematis can grow up a trellis against a wall to provide color and vertical interest. Plants that grow up and not out are key.

Pick a Focal Point

Creating a focal point in the small landscape draws your eye to a specific location. A large planter at the end of a walkway, a hardscape feature like a fireplace, or even a garden archway all serve as excellent focal points. Selecting one or two major garden features for this purpose rather than many minor focal points creates a sense of order and purpose. Using a focal point can also direct your line of sight to what you want visitors to see rather than unsightly, but necessary things that most homeowners have in their yard like trash cans or compost bins.

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