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Landscaping Tips for Your Industrial Structure & Warehouse

Incorporating trees like Red Twig Dogwood and Japanese maples adds visual interest and seasonal color. Entryway landscaping with boxwood trees and vibrant flowers creates a welcoming atmosphere, while strategic shrub placement around signage enhances visibility and professionalism. With resilient plants like nepeta and variegated liriope, industrial complexes can become inviting and visually appealing environments.

Industrial structure and warehouse landscaping tips:


Trees include a much-needed vertical element to long, horizontal factories, storage facilities, and warehouses. These structures are usually lit up at night, so trees with structural branches cast fascinating shadows versus plain walls. Industrial structure landscapes work well with trees like Red Twig Dogwood and big shrubs like viburnum. These structures are frequently white or beige, and the brilliant red branches add a great pop of color. Japanese maples, Blue Atlas cedars, and Deodar cedars work terrific for this. The cedars are evergreens, so that is an included reward for winter season interest.

Entryway Appeal

Driveway entryways are fantastic places for outstanding seasonal color. Pay special attention to entryway landscaping. Pedestrian entryways should look great, too. We like boxwood trees for a sophisticated backdrop for beds or pots loaded with colorful flowers. Landscaping for processing plants, factories, and warehouses might appear more bare-bones than other business properties, but first impressions always matter.

Highlight Signs

The industrial complex landscape around signage. An often preferred perennial: nepeta, likewise called catmint. Difficult, dry spell tolerant, and low maintenance, it blooms with deep lavender blossoms all summer long, however also draws in butterflies and is deer resistant. Signage announces your business’ brand name and welcomes visitors to your site. Color is excellent for impress and for visibility, however, signage landscaping needs to be difficult, too. Adding shrubs to each side of an indication makes the sign itself seem larger, offering it more impact. Variegated liriope ground cover adds brilliant yellow stripes to the landscape, however also provides year-round interest as an evergreen, blooms in the summertime, and is low maintenance. Excellent landscaping makes it hard to miss.

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