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Preparing Your Lawn for the Cold Winter Months

If thoughts of sugar plums dancing and fires crackling, leaves changing colors, and crisp, cool air have already permeated your mind, you are not alone. There is a magic to fall and winter that only the holidays can bring about, and we all get just as excited each year for the fall and winter months. Before you go out and pick your pumpkins, light the apple-scented candles, and break out your boots and blanket scarves, it’s time to prepare your commercial landscaping for the cold that it’s not quite ready for. Just like you have to prepare yourself and your home for the temperature change, your lawn deserves the same thought.

There are many different ways to prep the landscaping at your office for the coming months. The best, however, is simply to allow landscape professionals to customize a landscape design that works throughout the year. We love to plant vibrant blooms that flourish all spring and summer and disappear for the winter months only to reappear again when the temperature rises. It’s clean and efficient and it’s always going to ensure your lawn looks lovely. However, there are other things you can do if you prefer a different method of landscaping throughout the warmer months.

How to prepare your landscaping:

Update Your Drainage

Another of the most important things you can do to update your lawn for the winter is to consider your drainage. It’s not a big surprise that snowy days and wet weather can cause drainage issues that kill off your landscaping. What you don’t want is to end up with standing water or dirty slush when the temperatures rise and things begin to thaw. Our customized drainage concepts can help you prevent this unsightly issue from occurring in your office’s landscaping.

Consider Snow Storages

We don’t mean that you have to consider where you plan on keeping your snow during the winter. What we mean is this; where do you want to store (or plant) items that bloom during the winter, die off during the summer so that they are not noticeable, and bloom again during the winter for a vibrant lawn or vice versa? What you plant here are hearty plants that grow during their appropriate time of year and can be cut down and back so that they don’t take up any of your valuable landscaping the rest of the year.

Consider Your Salt Usage

The frustration that comes with salting your walkways and driveways at home is one thing, but to add to that the office is another. The best course of action is to remember to find salts that are not as harmful to plants as others. The more you use it throughout the winter, the more it kills off the plants that are designed to grow back during the summer. This is a costly mistake that your landscaping could be destroyed and you will need to go through the expense of replanting and redoing everything at the end of the season.

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