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How to Create a Gorgeous St. Louis Backyard

Work with a Strategy

Before stepping ahead towards a landscaping plan, make a strategy. It is a good idea to check with licensed St. Louis landscaping contractors, local nurseries, and neighbors with nice landscapes. Make a note of what plants and trees will suit your region best and will showcase your home's architecture as well. These can help you get a rough idea of where to start and how to break up your whole plan in a systematic manner to be more efficient.

Use Disparate Colors of Mulches

Mulches are really useful if you want to add texture as well as color to your lawn. Different colors of mulches will not only complement your vibrant plants but also spice up your yard if you have a bald landscape. Colors ranging from black, brown, golden, and cedar are readily available these days.

Choose Personalized Materials

You can add a personal touch to your lawn that reflects your taste. Pick some of your old toys like toy trucks, wagons, etc. You can turn those items into planters and put them in different corners or just beside the backyard gate of your lawn. These well-placed non-gardening materials will give a funky touch to your lawn.

Use Espaliered Trees on Walls

Espaliered trees are good for those fond of greenery or with high bound walls and fences. These trees cover the bare wall surface and create a green atmosphere around your yard. You can use colorful flowers with these espaliered trees to contrast with other plants and flowers.

Scheduled Yard Maintenance

Maintaining a healthy yard is a matter of concern for many people. Therefore, before taking a step towards your lawn landscaping, make a note of how much time you can spend to maintain your lawn. Select more of those plants that can be easily maintained. Consider hiring a professional landscaping company in case you don’t have enough time.

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