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Native Plants for Your St. Louis Landscape

Spring is a great time to think about your warm-weather landscaping plans.

Even if you didn’t find the time or inclination to plant last fall, planning for Summer is still an achievable goal. This is true if you want to include native plants in your landscape design.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Native Plants

You’ve heard the saying “bloom where you’re planted,” right? The thing is, not all plants bloom equally. Native plants have an advantage because they’re uniquely suited to the soil and conditions in your area.

Native plants are those that occur naturally in a region in which they evolved. They’re part of the ecosystem and play an integral role in providing food for insects and small animals. Studies have shown that without native plants, some species of insects and animals might cease to exist today.

Brings Birds to Your Yard

Planting native plants can actually draw birds to your yard and you can choose different plants to attract the bird(s) of your choice!

Helps The Planet

Not only are native plants naturally beautiful, but they are also ecological workhorses, too. When a plant is native to the area, it requires less intervention to flourish: you water less and use less fertilizer. You will also have more time to sit back and enjoy being in your outdoor space because native plants require less maintenance.

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