House with lawn landscaping

How to Improve Your St. Louis Landscaping

Consider how your home looks from the curb. Try to see it from a first-time visitor’s perspective. Is there anything missing? Does your home fit with other homes on your street – or does it stand out, and not in a good way?

You don’t have to do exactly what your neighbors are doing, but their landscape designs may highlight weaknesses in your own, giving you ideas that will help you revitalize your landscaping. Be sure to consider what matters most to you as you move forward with your new landscape design project.

Establish Focal Points

A central landscaping focal point draws the eye and makes your home pop from the curb. A focal point for your home could be anything that attracts attention, such as:

  • A tall, majestic oak tree
  • A stunning fountain or lawn statue
  • Decorative pillars at the edge of your driveway
  • A brightly painted, creatively designed front door
  • Tiered, colorful flowerbeds

Look at other yards and homes that are similar to yours for ideas, and consult with a professional landscaper for an expert opinion on focal point options that would go well with your home.

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