Retaining wall and sidewalk

Top 3 St. Louis Hardscape Elements

Lovely Appearance

A beautiful landscaping design for a home includes a variety of features that balance each other and are visually interesting. And the human eye is drawn to notice things that are different. So, when you combine something soft, like a bed of flowers, with something hard and textured, like a stone wall, your eye is drawn to that area and finds it appealing.

Personalized Style

Hardscape also adds dimension, movement, and flow to your home, allowing you to design your yard to accommodate your needs and preferences. If you like flowing water, for example, installing a fountain is a great way to use hardscaping to bring your desires to life.


Often, your home exterior can benefit from features that improve the livability of your outdoor spaces. A deck or fencing, for example, can give you more enjoyment of your backyard, while pathway lighting by your driveway and front door can make it easier for guests to visit.

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