Odds and Ends Around the Garden

It seems that different states do not agree to a universal Arbor Day.

Though more than likely an Arbor Day exists in your individual state or country, at some point in this month…Plant a tree!

Although we think of this as a rainy month, it can fool us. Keep transplanted flowers well-watered during dry spells. Be sure to take a little time to check the plants in containers and those under the eaves of the house and under tall evergreens to see that they are getting enough water.

If you receive some mail-order plants or can’t resist the urge to pick up a few perennials before you are ready, make a trench and heel them into the ground in a protected area.

Driving around the neighborhood or visiting a local nursery may give you some great ideas of what you’d like to have bloomed in your yard at this time next year. Remember that whatever you accomplish in the garden now, it will definitely cut down on your yard maintenance later this season! 

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