Mulching graphic

Advantages of Mulching

Mulch has been called the gardener’s friend-and for a good reason. It offers three major benefits:

  • Suppression of weeds
  • Conservation of moisture in the soil
  • Moderation of soil temperatures, keeping it warmer on cold nights and cooler on hot days

There are also many other benefits of mulch:

  • In winter, protect plants from the cycle of freezing and thawing (which can heave them out of the ground)
  • Prevent soil compaction and crusting
  • Slow down runoff and erosion, especially on slopes
  • Break down and feed the soil (if organic mulch such as clippings)
  • Warm the soil in spring, allowing the gardener to plant days or weeks before the soil would normally be ready
  • Keeping plants off the ground, especially tomatoes and melons, to avoid plant disease
  • Keep plants clean, especially lettuce and celery, preventing rain from splashing soil that could carry disease into plants